Our Beginning

The Byne Blueberry Farm started in 1980 when Dick Byne planted 15 acres of blueberries on land passed down through the Byne family for five generations. While attending Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, Dick dreamed of having his own farming business. After graduating, Dick Byne, father Ed Byne, Dr. Ed Byne Jr. and beloved mentor Roosevelt Chance helped him decide on planting blueberries. He started an organic blueberry farm before organic was even in the American vocabulary. Byne disagreed with the progressive trend to spray his crop with pesticides and herbicides.

The blueberries started out as a pick-your-own operation, but as Byne realized the health benefits and demand for the super fruit, he looked for new avenues to sell his crop. As time passed, Byne’s family grew and so did the business. As his four daughters Diane, Janie, Ann Nell, and Marian grew up, they began helping their mother Linda pick and pack the berries. It is Dick Byne’s belief that without Linda and the girls, the business would not have succeeded as it has. Dick Byne constantly dreams up new ways to use blueberries in all types of products.

Byne Blueberry Farms is one of the oldest organic blueberry farms in the United States. We provide a unique line of organic blueberry products like our blueberry powder, blueberry syrup, and chocolate covered blueberries. You can find these and others in our online store or at Earth Fare in Martinez, GA and in Whole Foods, Atlanta, GA.